Monday, March 12, 2007

Dying for a charisma (ah, masa sih??)

Omg! He does still remember me!!! What should I do? I must have a significantly reddish blushed skin on my cheek at the moment. Yawn! How could I talk to him like that? I don’t even suppose I’d be so bravery to get closer.

Well, I feel so small seeing his charisma. Remembering the long CV he had viewed, he’s a multitalented person, typically adorable. I can’t stand my grin thinking about our first meet—totally “laugh out loud”-ed. Man, I wish we could do some kind of joint in the future!

3 of your comments here:

Ti2Sh said...

Syapa sih?! f(^_^)

Aryo said...

duh jadi malu >_<

inda_ardani said...

hyaah ...!!!
aryo kamu gr banget!!! :p