Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Undelivered Message

Ini adalah tulisan yang harusnya aku post di blog seseorang. Dia anak KU, tapi kayaknya lagi stucked sama segala hal, sampe2 dia bertanya2: Is Medicine Really my Passion? Baca aja deh, kali aja berguna :) sebenernya ini aku tulis buat diriku sendiri sih …

Dear Aaron Singh,
What you shared really hit me! Really! Nevertheless, I assure you it is in the good side, a hit brings everyone to the basic truth of personal life destination.

As a dentistry student influenced by parents, this predicament pops up in my mind for many times, usually in the bad moments … poorly. What’s good about dentistry? Money-making in careers? Ha!

My aims was to be an engineer, so if anyone hunt me to give the true answer, I would exactly say, “No. this is not what I essentially want. Honestly, I don’t wanna be here”

But here’s the fact: here I am. I’m in the 2nd year. It’s too late for me to go back or move away since we’ve spent such expense to afford the tuition. I’m facing the environment, I take the bad and the good side as a package that couldn’t be separated each other.

Is that easy? NO. That’s what I obviously say. In some hard times, I still desperately wanna escape from all of these details, being someone I wanted to be, in the faculty I wanted to go, studying something I curious about—technical science, or perhaps biotechnology.

Luckily, I have some lecturer and seniors support me truthfully. They are great people with amazing achievement. Their recipe is similar: they do not really like what they had, but they deal with such things, maximize what they had, and minimize sweat of complaints. They’re just … inspiring.

Then I see people around me and my old friends who are not able to get opportunity to go to university. In their very young age, they must do such a hard work just to help their parents fulfill daily needs. Isn’t it ironic seeing our peers having their extremely different life?

We’re still young. There will always be hundreds of golden change for success, disguising in things we dislike. We’re not a kind of little puppy, eat whenever he hungry, snooze whenever he drowsy … no, we really must do such great effort to plan up our destiny. The road is so hard to overcome, stormy and dark. Those all build our character!

We’re probably don’t get the best, but not the worst. Remember, what’s look bad for us, doesn’t always bad for Him. Allah knows anything better.

p.s. however, your title is an EXCELLENT QUESTION to ask whenever our lazy moment comes. It acts as an antagonist support, challenging plus charging up our courage. ^^

Inda Ardani

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