Friday, November 23, 2007

Welcome back, Jay!

I know this one is not like things I used to write about, but lemme just celebrate something, hahaha ...

Seems like my lucky weeks lately; three of my idols release their latest album. Wang Lee Hom starts the line in July with his Change Me. Following him is Super Junior with Don’t Don, and finally ... the biggest thing I’ve been waiting for ... Jay Chou’s On the Run!

He seems avoiding the “what took you so long” question with the Chinese title “Wo Hen Mang”. I wonder why both of those titles is not 100% equal; instead of "on the run", wo hen mang simply means “I am very busy”. What makes him so?

I do understand that as a multitalented artist (he is not only a singer but also a musician, a composer, an actor, and now a director plus scriptwriter; yawn!) he should has a lot of things to do. But as an entertainer starting his career through singing, shouldn’t he put his album in the first list?

The title is a bit too colloquial for me but let’s just have a better look...

I’ve been looking for his newest move for quite a while :p When he helped Vic Zhou in his Wo Bu Shi F4 (“=I’m not F4”—this is yet another cool topic to talk about although I'm simply not Vic's fans), I thought the project will again postpone his own album, but I’m glad that the fact is on the contrary.

OK ... now, what about his album? Oh boy, I watched his music clip and I just staggered how his promotional track being visualized like that. Well, his cowboy-style composition is one thing (fine, the banjo makes a nice country style intro...), but the clip ... oh no, why are there so many pink colors there? As an ordinary girl I don’t even fond of that kind of shocking pink!

Look at the cover, again he posed in his gallant mimic (Please note that I'll never make any comment about his physical appearance, no I'm not those kinda screaming fans). I think this style was suitable for his previous albums (e.g. November’s Chopin and Still Fantasy) as the picture were captured in such minimal lighting. But this time ... gimme a break, he was sitting on a pink carousel horse! Didn’t he think that a little joyful smile would fit the setting?

However, don’t misjudge me; I still honor him as a real idol regarding his previous record. Perhaps I just need to listen again and I’d get the same pleasure just like when I listen to Lee Hom and SuJu :) through this album, I recommend Tian Tian De (Sweet) and Yang guang zhai nan (I-like-it-I-like-it-I-like-it).

Deeply think, I like Jay much better when he sings low-tempo songs, especially when he adds strings in the arrangement (‘cuz I love to hear strings a lot!). And sure I’ll chase his “Secret” movie. ^_^