Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Friendship Meme


Anger is only one letter short of danger
If someone betrays you once, it is his fault;
If he betrays you twice, it is your fault.
Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.
He, who loses money, loses much;
He, who loses a friend, loses much more;
He, who loses faith, loses all.
Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,
But beautiful old people are works of art.
Learn from the mistakes of others
You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.
Friends, you and me…
You brought another friend…
And then there were 3…
We started our group…
Our circle of friends…
And like that circle…
There is no beginning or end…
Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is mystery.
Today is a gift.
So now, let’s see how many circle’s of friends we can make by simply adding your link on this Friendship Meme!
12. Cronaca
14. Life
15. Hanna
17. Farah
20. Eagle
21. Dasir
22. M2M
you are welcome to add your link while reposting this article. yuk, monggo yang mau nambahin ... :p

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mahalo: Integrated Power of Best Search Engines

Kepada siapa anda mempercayakan pencarian di dunia maya? Google? Yahoo?
Wikipedia? Mengapa harus membuka satu persatu jika kita bisa mendapat semuanya dalam sekali ketik?
Mahalo adalah jawabannya!

Despite its “newly born” age, Mahalo is inevitably such a phenomenon gathering the power of best search engines. Once you type your keyword, Mahalo instantly perform the results not only from its own collection but also from the others! Instead of typing next URL, we can simply click the available tabs.

Let’s compare the ordinary and the advanced search!

I tried to search with “CHLORHEXIDINE” as the keyword
(FYI: chlorhexidine—abbreviated: CHX—is the name of chemical compound mainly used as antiseptic).

You can easily guess what will happen if we put it in Google. With Mahalo, it will be as follows (note the arrayed tabs of popular search engines):

As we see, Mahalo puts the tabs of the other search engines aside. Simply click the tab to see their results.

Don’t have any word to search? Spent your leisure and raise your knowledge by browsing Mahalo homepage (as shown on the 1st image of this article). Gorgeous interface is Mahalo’s next worthier value. From now on, set Mahalo.com as your browser’s homepage for better searching.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Challenges of the Year

Ini PR dari tetangga blog yang sangat mirip dengan PR tentang resolusi. Karena yang memberi PR tidak merinci lebih jauh apa perbedaan kedua PR itu (hehe, ato saya aja yang nggak ngerti-ngerti juga ya, Kak?) saya mencoba mengartikan sendiri. Intinya: these challenges are anything that is more specific than the resolutions, whether they are performing such a linkage or not. I decide to describe my resolutions (a little satirizing, still ...). This will allow me think about how to fulfill them.

Well ... then this post will be continued with the blue letters as my resolutions and the violet one as the challenges to overcome. So sit back and take a good look, buddy: p

Here's my 2008 list that once I’ve posted and now I am explaining how to reach it

1. Cook more frequent

I confess that I missed chances to write about cooking here for either I actually very rare in doing this (pity, hum?) I've told you I’m an amateur. My sister even tried to kill me (well ... apparently. Haha, of course she did not) by saying that my spaghetti is just like "indomie kornet". Oh My! Yeah I know although my sponge cake is sweet and soft enough, the rate is not more than "bisa dimakan" :p but I promise myself that within 6 months my cooking skill would significantly rise! I made my mom's friends sharing out my pasta, my friends finished all of my fruit cocktails and I believe I’ll succeed it again. Wo yinggai jia you! Hahaha

2. I wanna take a trip to Jakarta, Bandung, or Semarang alone.

Hmm, I’m sure that will be cool. Doesn't matter about the vehicle, whether it is a bus, a plane or even an ordinary travel agency car, taking trip alone will allow me to think about anything in my life. Fresh ideas usually come all the way, including ideas to beat my 1st challenge. Perhaps I will be inspired for some tricks to beautify my chocolate truffles, hahaha.

3. Be a better teaching and lab assistant for my lecturer and surely for my younger schoolmates

You know, physiology textbooks are very often disguising themselves as "bantal tidur" or even "bangku duduk" :p well that's all I am with, what else can I say?

In such some positive case I could probably take them whenever I feel difficult to fall asleep. Just read some about digesting process and I will soon be taken to the heavenly dream

Kiddin' ... It is of course not just about that. I'll be a more helpful partner

4. Continue to learn Chinese

I recently do not know what are the steps in doing this target. I am lack of proficiency but not interested in attending a class. so I wanna keep buying books and CDs teaching it

5. Even a lazy one like me should get deeper into things i learn through school, right? Haha, what else can i say?

Taking books, reading, and understanding ... So simple to be listed but so hard to do. Anymore suggestions? I'll be surely pleased

6. Go to school in “batik” wearing! Why not? Hm, ...

Mom, buy me one! (haha, this could be the easiest one!)

7. Then I cannot forget that 2008 would be my time to (again) arrange a research, I wish the proposal will work and surely this time I should pay much more attention into every step of it.

Not a big deal if we see it from people-with-higher-grades' point of view. I intend to write more about this whenever they tell my proposal's status and maybe a little of its progress, insya Allah

8. What else? Um ... Can I save this 8th spot for myself? Whoa, it’s a secret of me!

I'm thinking more about several things ... but uh, how can I explain something that I claim as a secret? :p (padahal aslinya ngga penting :p)

Excuse me for sprinkling Indonesian here and actually I just pick things as reliable as I could achieve. By the end of the year we are encouraged to evaluate, aren't we? No? Gee ... alright. However ... Let's wish the very best for future!

Sekian kali sekian piksel*

Maksudnya: resolusi. Hahaha, agak lupa sama pelajaran bahasa, tapi sepertinya ini yang disebut dengan homonim ya? Ada satu kata yang memiliki makna berbeda, juga pada konteks yang berlainan. Kalau kita mengetikkan kata resolution di wikipedia, akan keluar banyak sekali opsi untuk spesifikasinya.

Hari gini ngomongin resolusi? Iya sih tahun 2008 udah “nggak terlalu baru” lagi. Biasaaa ... Kemarin sibuk ngurusin piaraan (apaan lagi nih :p) sampe postingnya baru sempat sekarang. Kalo ditanya kenapa postingnya deket-deket Imlek, haha ini sih cuma kebetulan aja. Boleh dibilang ngeles, tapi yang jelas yang namanya resolusi itu kan kita rencanakan untuk jangka waktu satu tahun. Jadi ya sebenernya boleh dong kita menyapa diri sendiri, “Apa kabar resolusi kita?”

Soal resolusi buat saya ... Jujur aja saya sudah lama sekali tidak membuat resolusi. Ini karena saya tidak pernah manganggap tahun baru sebagai event yang penting. Trauma? Ah nggak juga. Sebagai orang yang agak terlalu sering berpikir praktis, saya hanya menganggap kalau tahun baru itu hanya sekedar ganti tanggal. Semoga tidak terlalu terkesan sinis karena toh saya juga punya banyak cara untuk menikmati hidup. Soal malam tahun baru, kalo diajak jalan-jalan sih mau aja, asal tinggal duduk dan nggak kedinginan, ngga kelaperan, ngga kehausan, hehehe mau enaknya sendiri.

Jadi wajarlah kalau saya tidak membuat resolusi. Biar begitu, pr itu memberi pengalaman yang berbeda untuk saya, ternyata asyik juga ya.

Menurut The US Government’s Official Web Portal, resolusi yang paling banyak direncanakan adalah berikut ini. Bisa dicoba klik link yang ada untuk mendapatkan tips tentang itu.

Tante Wiki bilang, tradisi membuat resolusi ini sebenarnya bersifat sekuler (tidak ada hubungannya dengan agama), namun begitu ada juga kebiasaan agama tertentu yang dijalankan penganutnya dengan cara membuat (semacam) resolusi ini, yaitu pada hari raya Yom Kippur milik orang Yahudi (referensi sedang dicari :p kalo ada yang punya, dengan senang hati saya persilakan posting komentar)

Biar gimana resolusi adalah janji. Kalau memang baik, ya jalankan saja. Memang sih tidak ada yang akan memberi hukuman kalau kita mengabaikannya, tapi seperti biasa lah kalau janji dengan diri sendiri tidak ditepati biasanya sih bikin nyesel juga :)

* modifikasi pr dari Kak Sammy, karena sebelumnya saya terlanjur mengerjakan pr resolusi dari Mbak Gies

Bad side of me (well I thought so ... :p)

Bicara soal PR, kemarin ini saya habis ngaduk-aduk akun saya di technorati, barulah 'diingatkan' kalo ada PR dari Kak Hartman yang belum dikerjakan. Hehe, maaf kak, lupa nih.

Masih inget PR about me yang sempat menjamur di dunia blog indonesia itu kan? Nah yang ini ada special request untuk bad side-nya, so here are the bad side of me

1. Malesan

Yang ini udah ngga bisa ditawar lagi kayaknya :p sudahlah, malu saya

2. Kagetan

Kadang cuma ditepuk dari belakang aja udah ngelonjak, untung nggak latah, fiuh ... Paling cuma teriak (lho?), akhirnya bikin orang yang ngagetin saya itu jadi balik kaget, kikiki ....

3. Gampang sariawan

Ini karena takdir genetis, kedua ortu sama-sama gampang sariawan dan sifat ini nurun ke semua anaknya. Dokter gigi saya udah hapal, pasti saya paling nggak sebulan sekali kena sariawan.

4. Takut film horor & males banget ngobrolin yang horor-horor

Payah ya? :p makanya anti sama genre yang satu ini. Kalo film action atau sadisme masih bisa nonton, tapi kalo horor? No way! Kalo di dunia nyata malah lebih berani, dulu waktu masih sekolah pernah disuruh kakak kelas nyari-nyari sesuatu yang mereka sembunyikan di kuburan, oke aja, lagian kan waktu itu nggak sendiri tapi sama teman satu regu, gitu. Selama ini sih blom pernah ada pengalaman aneh, tapi semoga saja nggak akan pernah ada

5. Menghindari kontak mata

Sebenernya agak nyesel juga karena kesannya nggak sopan. Gak peduli sama ce ato co, kalo diajak ngomong saya agak susah menatap lawan bicara. Kalopun kontak mata, gak lama kemudian otomatis mata langsung pindah arah. Jadi harap maklum yaaa. Bukannya gimana-gimana, itu cuma kebiasaan aja

6. Alergi ephedrine

Baca aturan pakai, jika ada tulisan ephedrine, saya tinggalkan saja :p it could be effective for anybody else, but simply not me :) mau yang ephedrine hcl atau pseudoephedrine atau ephedrine aja, mending cari aman aja deh, soalnya ternyata saya "agak terlalu sensitif" dengan yang itu, habis minum itu bisa jadi dag-dig-dug ... Kalo batuk dikasih GG aja juga beres! xD

7. certified citizen of Slumberland

Ini bukan ngomongin merk tempat tidur lho :p ya gitu deh, apalagi kalo bete, biasanya makin bete makin dasyatlah tidur saya :p paling enak kalo lagi liburan atau kuliah siang, bangun pagi sih tetep aja kayak biasanya, tapi selesai sholat dhuha, bruk ... terkapar begitu saja di atas sajadah. Enak bangeeet

8. Tulisan jelek

Hehehe, yang satu ini kan juga pernah dibilang di sini. Tapi yang jelas saya berusaha bikin tulisan tangan saya (setidaknya) bisa dibaca untuk beberapa keadaan, misalnya waktu ujian (keliatan banget nih kalo ada maunyaaa ... :p)

Certainly there are more and more, but ... Hey, I’m just an ordinary person, right? :) I’ll try my best, though

Demikian sekilas info dari saya ....

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Initial D (The Movie): My Notes

Gak adil sebenernya kalo mau bandingin film Asia ini sama Fast and Furious beserta sekuel-sekuelnya. Temanya memang hampir sama, tapi yang satu ini lebih mantap arena diangkat dari komik yang udah mapan dengan versi animasi serial TV dan game-nya.

Setelah nonton film yang sebenernya rilisnya udah lama banget ini, aku baru ngeh kenapa di All the way north-nya Jay di awal dan akhirnya ada deru mobil. Yeah, ini kan soundtracknya Initial D juga. Huah nggak nyangka lagu patah hati juga bisa buat cerita kebut-kebutan gitu. Patah hati? Iya aku sih tahunya cuma dari baris kedua bagian chorus lagu ballad-rock itu: Ni shuo ni hao lei, yi wu fa zai aishang shui—kamu bilang udah capek banget, nggak bisa lagi mencintai siapa-siapa. Huuu ... kasian beneeer.

To be honest, the first thing attracted me was Jay Chou who played the prime character. As the timeline goes on, I find the opening act is yet wonderful, performing the beauty of Japan scenery. The groovy soundtracks fit the shots much, credits for the music director!

I was also curious for I read my blog sister’s (Selina) article, that Jay’s accent is terrible here. Jay was the only Taiwanese actor (whose daily language is Mandarin) in a filming team which mainly consists of Hong Kong and Japanese personnel. This movie was originally released in Cantonese language, which might be the reason for Jay’s weird accent. However, (I feel a little discomfort to play DVD in my combo :p therefore I can’t switch the language, obviously) in the VCD they dubbed their voice into—yes, I’m so glad, haha—Mandarin! Finally, I failed to reveal how (bad) Jay speaks Cantonese :p

The story came from Takumi Fujiwara (Mandarin: Tuo Hai, performed by Jay Chou) a tofuman’s son. He drives every dawn delivering his dad’s tofu. Running along a tough road with extremely curvy bends, his driving skill goes excellent. One day a road racer saw him and challenged for a race. In the beginning Takumi was so naïve for he objected the challenge, and I thought he was so stupid saying that, “I just wanna drive my own car (I don’t need anyone to alter my old-fashioned Toyota Corolla Trueno-AE86, even if he gave me the sophisticated one for free).” Well, that’s how the story goes on with those racing and drifting actions, and a little romance story as well ....

Yet, I find this movie is actually a bit too masculine for me. I’ve watched for more than once, of course, and there are some scenes that still preventing my eyes to see. I close my eyes every time they spit “the contents of the stomach through mouth”! Oops, yuck! Yeah I know it’s fake, it could be gargled yoghurt or chewed cookies or something. Still ... oh I just can’t stand it. I know those all supposed to be hilarious. I just think that it’s quite a kinda “boy thing”.

In the other hand, although Wikipedia stated that the genre is live-action, I can easily still find laughter in it. I don’t know what’s wrong with my mood; I just desperately can’t stand my laughter, hahaha. The comical scenes just keep entertaining me. I smirked each time Chapman To and even Anthony Wong appeared, and I laugh at most of their action!

Globally, the movie talks about how to grow, finding real character inside. Some racing tricks could be obtained here as well as inspiring quotation relating to how to win a fight. Hard to say more, it will be better for you to see it yourself.

According to a testimonial posted in Internet Movie Database, I recommend for those who love any kind of car racing that it’s a must see movie. I don’t know beans about car racing, I’m not an anime fans, and the fact that I like Jay Chou is of course not a strong enough reason to judge the excellence of the movie; but here ... can you clearly see how much I have been impressed?

Trust me; it’s pretty hard to say no. ^^