Saturday, February 2, 2008

Initial D (The Movie): My Notes

Gak adil sebenernya kalo mau bandingin film Asia ini sama Fast and Furious beserta sekuel-sekuelnya. Temanya memang hampir sama, tapi yang satu ini lebih mantap arena diangkat dari komik yang udah mapan dengan versi animasi serial TV dan game-nya.

Setelah nonton film yang sebenernya rilisnya udah lama banget ini, aku baru ngeh kenapa di All the way north-nya Jay di awal dan akhirnya ada deru mobil. Yeah, ini kan soundtracknya Initial D juga. Huah nggak nyangka lagu patah hati juga bisa buat cerita kebut-kebutan gitu. Patah hati? Iya aku sih tahunya cuma dari baris kedua bagian chorus lagu ballad-rock itu: Ni shuo ni hao lei, yi wu fa zai aishang shui—kamu bilang udah capek banget, nggak bisa lagi mencintai siapa-siapa. Huuu ... kasian beneeer.

To be honest, the first thing attracted me was Jay Chou who played the prime character. As the timeline goes on, I find the opening act is yet wonderful, performing the beauty of Japan scenery. The groovy soundtracks fit the shots much, credits for the music director!

I was also curious for I read my blog sister’s (Selina) article, that Jay’s accent is terrible here. Jay was the only Taiwanese actor (whose daily language is Mandarin) in a filming team which mainly consists of Hong Kong and Japanese personnel. This movie was originally released in Cantonese language, which might be the reason for Jay’s weird accent. However, (I feel a little discomfort to play DVD in my combo :p therefore I can’t switch the language, obviously) in the VCD they dubbed their voice into—yes, I’m so glad, haha—Mandarin! Finally, I failed to reveal how (bad) Jay speaks Cantonese :p

The story came from Takumi Fujiwara (Mandarin: Tuo Hai, performed by Jay Chou) a tofuman’s son. He drives every dawn delivering his dad’s tofu. Running along a tough road with extremely curvy bends, his driving skill goes excellent. One day a road racer saw him and challenged for a race. In the beginning Takumi was so na├»ve for he objected the challenge, and I thought he was so stupid saying that, “I just wanna drive my own car (I don’t need anyone to alter my old-fashioned Toyota Corolla Trueno-AE86, even if he gave me the sophisticated one for free).” Well, that’s how the story goes on with those racing and drifting actions, and a little romance story as well ....

Yet, I find this movie is actually a bit too masculine for me. I’ve watched for more than once, of course, and there are some scenes that still preventing my eyes to see. I close my eyes every time they spit “the contents of the stomach through mouth”! Oops, yuck! Yeah I know it’s fake, it could be gargled yoghurt or chewed cookies or something. Still ... oh I just can’t stand it. I know those all supposed to be hilarious. I just think that it’s quite a kinda “boy thing”.

In the other hand, although Wikipedia stated that the genre is live-action, I can easily still find laughter in it. I don’t know what’s wrong with my mood; I just desperately can’t stand my laughter, hahaha. The comical scenes just keep entertaining me. I smirked each time Chapman To and even Anthony Wong appeared, and I laugh at most of their action!

Globally, the movie talks about how to grow, finding real character inside. Some racing tricks could be obtained here as well as inspiring quotation relating to how to win a fight. Hard to say more, it will be better for you to see it yourself.

According to a testimonial posted in Internet Movie Database, I recommend for those who love any kind of car racing that it’s a must see movie. I don’t know beans about car racing, I’m not an anime fans, and the fact that I like Jay Chou is of course not a strong enough reason to judge the excellence of the movie; but here ... can you clearly see how much I have been impressed?

Trust me; it’s pretty hard to say no. ^^

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Aryo Anantoro said...

*misi, komenya pake indonesia aja y :D*

kalo aku si lebih seneng liat initial d daripada fast and furious, entah kenapa terasa lebih real dan initial d ngga' terlalu ber-keju (baca : not too cheesy). ngga' ada lampu neon di bawah mobil, semburan nos yang bisa bikin mobil seolah terbang, dsb :)

soundtrack versi live-action si ngga' begitu perhatian y, tapi di anime ost-nya asik", dengan genre eurobeat cocok banget sama suasananya :)


aku si berharap di-remake dengan pemain jepang semuah... :P

inda_ardani said...

yoi aryo, nyantai aja :p

haha, ternyata kamu suka juga, iya sih makanya aku bilang gak adil kalo dibandingin tu soalnya di mana-mana initial d disamainnya sama fast n furious, mentang2 hollywood punya kali yaa padahal ada yang bilang sih kalo yang bikinan hollywood tu cuman modal mobil keren doang tapi ceritanya gitu2 aja. iya ni aku juga heran kenapa kok ni komik jepang tapi dilayarlebarin keduluan sama orang hongkong, biarpun masih ada tim produksi jepang juga. seringnya emang gitu kan, komik jepang divisualisasinya kayak keduluan china, inget hana yori dango yang dijadiin meteor garden itu, kan baru belakangan juga baru dibikin hanadan yg 100% jepang. yuk aku juga jd penasaran kalo ada initial d versi jepangnya. siapa pemeran takumi ya, oguri shun yg jadi rui di hanadan? hehehe kayaknya sih cocok

Anonymous said...

hey inda! how was your break? hope it was great! I'm glad you had fun watching Initial D haha yeah i guess this movie is abit 'manly' but a bit of manly-ness? never hurts right? LOL yeah i stand corrected, Jay Chou did sing in this movie, my bad >< Anyways i'm glad you did a post in english again so i can read it, do it more often yeah? :D

inda_ardani said...

hi, selina! a little mess here, but i survive, hahaha thanks. yeah i think initial d is so cool, even my dad enjoyed it (he delayed his sleeping time in spite of his exhausting day! i love him!) yes i heard two of jay's song i.e. "all the way north" and "drifting" in the end of the movie, both of them were from the "november's chopin" album. but when i saw the credit tittle i found more of his composition. hey chill, don't feel low. this is just a tiny thing for your excellence in writing review!