Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy (and Hassle) on the 1st Blog Birthday

Who’s gonna read this? Certainly this post is dedicated for all of my blog partners and viewers.

Yet I must ask an excuse since this post will be quite long. You can simply read my highlights for a quick look :)

The point is that March is the month of my blog birthday (11th is the exact date) and my blog birthday is worthier than my own birthday to celebrate (haha, indeed it is).

Wait up, if this topic is urgent, why did I delay? What took me so long? Do I realize what date is it to post? A lot of things, for sure. My recent lab (preclinical) practical are ‘only’ orthodontics, oral surgery, oral biology, endodontics and operative dentistry; but some subjects also demand my constant attention :) although I cannot always sufficiently fulfill them, you know me :p

For this reason, I can’t lately update my blog very often and I’d like to apologize for pending some tag posts (I approved your tags and I promise I’ll post, no worries but I wish you could wait)

And after my broken cell phone, annoying lab technician, over-and-over deadlines and some other accidents ... what else could be worse?

There was, actually. My grandpa passed away and it was impossible for me to resist the grief. No, I don’t intend to be corny here; it’s just my personal way to remind myself, to keep praying for him as my grandma asked me to :)

Back to the title, for this blog birthday, how do I celebrate? How about saying thank you?

If you roll down your mouse on my page, you’ll find that I termed my blogroll section with Siblings subtitle (I’m thinking to change it into “relatives”, does it suit better?). In the real world there are actually some relations I regard as real brothers and sisters.

Though, the one I must firstly thank would be Titish and Aryo. They are my highschool classmates who encouraged me to move into Blogger, as I’ve ignored my old blog. Indeed, what they did was sending me to the other stunning sector of the virtual world. Guys, I won’t be here without you. (btw are you hibernating? Be back soon!)

Some weeks after my very first post, I was still unaware about what is it blogging exactly means. I went nowhere, no wonder nobody visited my page. The one I mostly remember about blog-visiting is Kak Yuki. I must confess that the way he serves his readers is appreciable. From his page, I started to hop from one blog to the next and messaging, more and more, until now (yeah I know I lurk a lot lately but I promise I’ll be blogwalking again)

Gratitude will also be sent for the outstanding future colleagues to whom I learn a lot from: anatomy teaching assistant Adite (although some of your jokes are quite boyish for me, you rock with that! haha), Kak Joe, Kak Sammy, Kak Hartman, Kak Irfan with their exciting internship documentation (good luck in your career), the boss of Materi Dental—Kak Suardiana, the friendly drg.Gies, drg.Evy, Sp.BM (I love your case presentations, Doctor), the wise drg.Rosa (a dentist with modest lessons, primarily about the beauty of Islam), the motherly dr.Ani, and the amazing drg.Ika (thank you for everything, Doc. I always look forward for every chance to be in a work with you), the cheerful dr.Vina, the smart-and-diligent Yani (I won’t forget our research plan, Sis :p), the fantastic drg.Alma (I hope you'll be back to the blog world soon, Doc. I believe you’ll share so many marvelous stories and view).

Above all, I wish someday I would be eligible enough to do duties for dental health matters, along with all of you.

Respect is something I address to the netpreneur and my IT and blogging tutors: Mas Didiet, Mas Hatta, Armier, Pak Atmo, Pak Abdul Munir, Shirei, and Mr.Tukeran Link,

And I must say that one of my blog partners—The Asian Invasion—is a fabulous volume of Asian entertainment. I do recommend this place for your (east) Asian artists, music, serial, and movie search. For you guys in The Asian Invasion, especially Selina: thank you for updating me and keep rockin’

The last but of course not least, I’d like to greet my siblings: Ache's Zone (Ajeng), AfterRainSky (Abi) , Always Me (Venu) , Aura Rosena's World , Cerita Si Bodoh yang Ngaku-ngaku Pintar (Atalya) , CiaRamah , Cuap Krik Krik Cuap (Jangkrik Ngerik) , Desi’s Humble Ideas
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For you have visited my blog before and inquired me to visit back, don’t bother to remind me :)

Once again, I thank all of you and let’s keep in blog friendship. Well, by the way, you can always remind me to “fave” your blog in technorati. Keep running your blog in any challenges.

Carpe diem. Seize the day!

* March 29 update: I got "one more cake" from Kesehatan Gigi, well ... thank you, Boss!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

English translation for Ayat-Ayat Cinta

There is a very interesting comment posted by Mr. Cappuccino in my previous post about Ayat-ayat Cinta (The movie). The comment suggested “Verses of Love” rather than “The Love Verses” for “Ayat-ayat Cinta” English translation. Seems like Google agree with him in this matter, so which one is correct?

I must admit that in the beginning it was also my confusion to choose one of both options for my very limited language proficiency. I got back to my high school English book (English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy ... yes, I still got it in my book case :p) and I found some explanation.

First thing to hold: we have two words i.e. love (= cinta) and verses.(= ayat-ayat)

The probability of English composed phrases would be:

#1 (the) love’s verses

#2 (the) verses of love

#3 (the) love verses

Note that all of them will be literally translated into “Ayat-ayat Cinta” in Indonesian.

To declare a possession, the #1 option is easily omitted because we only employ ‘s for a person, an animal, an organization, and a place. For other things outside them, we employ something of something pattern. Thus, the #2 option would be preferable.

Now what about the #3?

This time we do not only employ grammatical pattern but also the interpretation of the terminology. Let’s check what is exactly intended by the novel author.

I would like to remind that this story offers the beauty of Islamic way of life, principally anything said by the noble book Al Quran. This is somewhat that the movie didn’t tend to clearly state (while the novel did express it in the ending part), that the real “Ayat-ayat Cinta” is the verses of Al Quran. They are the verses presenting as evidence of the divine love of Allah.

If Al Quran = love (no-no-no I didn’t mean to go philosophic, it’s just if they were synonyms) we can take the #2 option. Still, I take the #3 because “Ayat-ayat Cinta” is not a phrase expressing a possession. It is more a composition of a word order (for me).

I compare the “love verses” with “love triangle”; can you see that they are analogous?

I am humbly aware if you got any different view. Never bother to discuss me for more of your finding. Indeed, the term “Ayat-ayat cinta” itself is quite ambiguous that people could take multiple interpretation from. We can see that ambiguity is an old strategy of many writers to improve readers’ curiosity (still, it works in so many cases, right? Haha)

One thing for sure, I still wish this movie and novel will be distributed abroad, no matter what will the translation title be :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

“The Love Verses” scenes in Ayat-ayat Cinta (The Movie)

Firstly I’d like to thank my blog brother Tamrin who keep reminding me to write about this as I have said that I intended to. I want to write it so bad; yet I must fight with my school duties to serve this post :) Anyway, this movie entitled “Ayat-ayat Cinta (AAC)”—I translated it into “The Love Verses”—is objectively a movie caught so many eyes to see. There are also some about it impressed me so, both in positive and negative thought, however.

The AAC movie (directed by Hanung Bramantyo) is an audio-visual version of an Indonesian best seller novel with the same title. The novel itself has reached 30 times reprinting since its first national publication in 2004

Basically the story is typical; a guy named Fahri (portrayed by Fedi Nuril) is Indonesian student attending his faculty in Egypt. His nature is modest, smart, descent, a true believer of his religion, beside of his good-looking appearance (hey, that’s the plot, pals. I slightly don’t have any personal intention about him, no worries :p); all kind of a fancy type that girls around him would never decline. Indeed, he had 4 women trying to reach his love.

He had never realized that two of his best friend ladies i.e.: Maria (I forgot the actress’ name, could you remind me? She’s pretty good, I admit) and Nurul (portrayed by former “Putri Indonesia—Princess of Indonesia, kind of miss universe contest” Melanie Putria); both of them had been into him for such a long time. Only Noura (Zaskia Mecca), the girl saved by him, could really state what lies beneath her deepest heart. However, Fahri thought that somehow he was not eligible to be with Noura. And later Noura brought Fahri into scenes he could never guess before.

One day, there was a marriage proposal came into him. In the beginning he once again felt unsure, but in the end he agreed as he revealed that his future wife was the one he lately have been impressed to. She is Aisha (portrayed by MTV VJ Rianti Cartwright), the beautiful and smart person inheriting German-Turkey-Palestine descent. Soon after their heavenly marriage, a terrible storm interrupted and their love experienced a big dilemma. The challenge they should conquer virtually increased their love and showed them how great Allah is. However, for those had never read the novel before, there would be several surprises along the plot.

The good side of AAC is that it serves a brand new theme and setting, a movie with compact Islamic values (although there are some people say “no” about its theme to be stated “Islamic”, yeah some scenes tend to be so). This movie is such a different type in the recent Indonesian movie trend e.g.: sexual comedy and horror. Moreover, AAC shares some of crucial issues in Islam (including polygamy ... uhm, I believe that will be a tight spot for many people, you can find a fair explanation here) within such graceful insight; one of them is related to how Islam really put women in such honorable position. Another thing impressed me? I noted a lovely quote of Aisha toward Fahri at some point in his doubt (about their housing), “If you’re not in the same opinion with me (about this matter), I will follow you for you are my leader.”

Comparing the movie with the novel, they have quite a few noticeable varieties. In the beginning I kept wondering why is it like this and why is it like that (let’s re-open the novel. Was it written there that Aisha clashed with his beloved husband in a scene? Does Aisha really get mehindi—a kind of temporary tattoo—painted on her hand? Haha, nevermind), but as the movie run on I started to enjoy it for my friend told me that the director himself have announced that we should not expect too much for this movie. The director did so many adaptations in the making; however I see that he tried his best.

Well, I don’t agree that we should not expect too much for this (anyway, did he really said so? I don’t read any about his exact phrases ...). According to “Kompas” newspaper (March 2nd, 2008), it is said that the producer released 100 copies of the motion picture to be distributed on theaters nationally. This is the first phenomenon in Indonesian movie history. With this so many people eager to see it, how could we don’t expect too much (especially from the producer’s point of view, haha you got it, right?).

If this AAC movie were soccer team, I believe that it has succeeded its noteworthy goal :) I wish this movie will also be distributed abroad.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Survey KKN dan accident di Prambanan

Sekalinya melampiaskan keinginan nge-blog malah bawa kabar jelek :) well ya deh biar ngga terlalu ngga enak saya bumbuin dulu postingan ini dengan info yang semoga aja berguna. Jadi singkatnya angkatan kami sudah waktunya untuk KKN. Hari ini tau-tau temen KKN saya yang beda fakultas (sebenernya juga sahabat dari SMA sih) ngajak survey ke Prambanan.

Oke, ayo aja. Jadi inget sekitar lima tahun lalu juga pernah tiap hari bolak-balik Jogja-Prambanan karena jadi petugas lapangan di acara Raimuna Nasional. Buat yang belum tahu, Raimuna adalah semacam perkemahan untuk pramuka penegak dan pandega. Seru? Iya, makanya kali ini kan sekalian flash back pengalaman dulu.

Sekedar info geografi sedikit, Prambanan sebenarnya termasuk wilayah Jateng (soalnya ada yang mengira itu punya Jogja). Jadi di perbatasan Jateng-DIY, terdapat kecamatan Prambanan dan Kalasan (yang ini baru punya DIY), keduanya terkenal dengan candinya. Ehm, ayam goreng Kalasan juga ngetop kok :p enak juga.

Yang jelas, Prambanan memang masih cantik. Kalo kita menyusuri jalan pemukiman penduduk, dengan mudah kita temukan sawah yang menghijau seperti karpet, bikin mata sejuk deh. biarpun gerimisnya tadi agak deras, tetep asik juga. Ada juga yang unforgettable, ada bukit yang ditumbuhi pepohonan lumayan lebat, ... hen mei alias sooo beautiful.

Mana foto-fotonya? Nah itu dia, nggak sampe mikir ke situ, soalnya ... Nggak tahu lagi ngelamun ato gimana, tahu-tahu teman di depan saya berhenti jalan. Meskipun waktu itu saya juga sama sekali nggak ngebut, sekalinya ngerem di jalan yang licin karena hujan, selip-lah jadinya. Sedetik kemudian motor Tuti (temen yang ngajak KKN itu, motor saya sendiri saya tinggal di kampusnya) ambruk di atas badan saya. Well, sebenernya nggak persis gitu sih, agak antik posisinya, susah dibilangin. Sakitnya sih lumayan juga. Untung lagi nggak boncengin siapa-siapa jadinya jatuhnya juga nggak ngajak-ngajak.

Duh, jadi malu sama temen-temen yang ikutan repot. Ada juga ibu penjual mie ayam di deket situ yang ngasih teh manis gratis, nggak mau dibayar (hm ... kok gitu sih Bu, kan saya malu ...). Maaf ya udah bikin repot, makasih banget lhoo termasuk yang boncengin saya pulang habis itu (what's your name again? hii jadi malu kita kan belom kenalan). Janji deh besok-besok lebih hati-hati :)


Chiseling your name in my volume
It’s either you deserve on me
Wherever you go, your influential existence will still emphasize
Is it your distrust querying my unrepentant?

A good look must you have, spot what I badly cannot express
No answer I have for my sole silence
The words are yours, diffusely colorizing my sky
Your view is something I will keep re-picturing

I know you pour the ruining stain; still I’m in a confession
It’s not only you possess such love

I see beam shafting in
No matter how blurred the color you bring
It’s you worthier than rainbow

Between Heart and “Heart”

Stumbled upon a blog post by Ben Bryner sweetly entitled with Elton John’s famous single “Don’t Go Breaking my Heart”, I smirked for the way he compared the two meanings of “heart” i.e. centre of emotions and the organ pumping your blood.

The article primarily emphasized the concept that our (cardiac) heart is in the same important value with the (feeling) heart which we tend to take more care of. He mentioned example to take care our (cardiac) heart through better diet (we know that physical exercise is yet another advisable thing), after explaining his experience in cardiac surgery (can you ever imagine? I believe there are such miracles in it).

Now it is my question lying around my mind: why is it called “heart? Why should the organ playing very important role in our body be equalized with our abstract place of emotions? Um ...yeah I know only linguistic and probably anthropological explanation could fulfill my curiosity, nevertheless we can simply estimate it by our own (joking) insight :)

Incidentally, Indonesian language translates “heart” with the term “hati” and uniquely it has also two-sided meaning, even one of them is also an anatomical organ. In Indonesian, “hati” means the abstract place of your feelings and an organ for detoxification; it is “lever” in English.

Though, homonym is one of my favorite tools for joking. One day my close pal complained to me about her boyfriend-wannabe buddy, the one confusing her so, although he stated that he won’t ask for her heart (I think he was dishonest in saying that, I mean ... then what else he had been intended to?).

I advised her to calmly reply, “Yeah I’m sure you won’t. If I give you my heart, how do I pump my blood?”