Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Environment Talks: Important or Useless?

Reading an Earth Day essay published by leading newspaper Kompas which is entitled Selamatkan Bumi, Hanya Celoteh Belaka (Saving the Earth, Merely Crap-talking), I was surprised for many human endeavors in environmental issues were stuck in the premature levels.

The interrupting factors come from things that engage many field of consideration. Seems, the interrupting factors are stronger than the ideas to save our environment. Some prominent published reasons tried to disguise their subjective necessity.

The newly international environment conference in Bali even caught President Yudhoyono’s concern when different opinion was amplified into red-alert incident. The long journey of ratification of Kyoto Protocol about the limit of emission is in the other hand example.

I remember one of my sweet highschool moments when I and my team competed in a debating contest. Organized by committee from Faculty of Forestry, GMU, the debate was conducted in environment theme. We got only the 4th rank as the result; however it was a smile-triggering memory when my team proposed the nuclear energy as the alternative of oil-based fuel. Also, we had our view increased because of the short courses about mangrove plants and the conservation, which was lectured in the same event.

Now that I am in a dental department, I am still actually tied by the obligation to participate in saving environment. Most of the materials we use are chemical-based which may endanger living things if they were not managed well.

Every of us have actually responsibility to retain natural principles in our surroundings. Whatever our job and our background, we have to understand how to extract resources for our needs and how to properly take away our wastes. Harmony is the great aim we must carry out.

Did I pick a wrong moment to post a short biography of Professor Otto Soemarwoto? He was an admirable environment study professor who applied his principles into daily usual. His ecology and biomolecular interest is the next things. Walking around Bogor Botanical Garden—it’s quite a walk, though—every early morning to inspect the details of his staffs’ work could be part of his job description.

But the fact that he and his family sleep under switched-off room lamp is quite rare in Indonesian family custom. He said that this simple kind of action belongs to no-regret-policy, if people would altogether to perform it.

That’s about habit. In the greater scale, it will take governmental involvement to regulate the endeavor in treating environment. Research and studies are fundamental in building principles and composing steps for particular action. We all understand that the problems of environment are varied greatly which needs specific handling in every case.

Although the end of the battle in natural destruction is still in a far away distance; however, the progress is still going on at so many aspects. With science and tough commitment in working, the enlightening results will eventually show its effect.

dedicated to my environment engineering cousin, wondering when will our next hang out be

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