Monday, May 19, 2008

Indonesian Doctors Movement for the 100th National Awakening

Doctors in Indonesia are encouraged to lower and even more set their patients free from the services fee on May 21, 2008. This kind of charity is intended to commemorate the allegiance of Indonesian doctors who are also heroes in the struggle against colonialism in the beloved motherland, a century ago.

There were Doctor Soetomo, Doctor Cipto Mangoenkoesoemo and Doctor Wahidin Soedirohoesodo, the doctors from STOVIA (Inlanders Medical School, which was established by Dutch Colonial Government for Indonesian student). They and the partners raised Boedi Oetomo (Budi Utomo), a youth organization consisting inlanders in the age of struggling for Indonesian independency. Although Boedi Oetomo was actually not the first youth organization for national warrior (Sarekat Islam is the accurate subject), the role of Boedi Oetomo was the most remembered in Indonesian history.

In spite of the controversies of the truthful first national youth organization, Indonesian medical society noted Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo as their pride, as well as the other doctor-heroes e.g. Dr Karyadi and Dr Sardjito. Leading hospitals in Indonesia take on the doctors’ name for their brand.

One of the recent Indonesian honorable doctors for the urgency of medical-humanity is Dr.Joserizal Jurnalis. His official predicates are specialist of orthopedics surgery and also the chairman of MER-C, a social medical organization. His bravely experience in helping the victims of disaster and conflict areas in Aceh, Maluku, and even Pakistan is a very good reflector for Indonesian medical society. Gallantly spoke in a medical seminar in February 2007 in Faculty of Medicine, GMU; he suggested that doctors are demanded to be militant in facing the challenges of their noble responsibility.

Looking back at the acknowledgement, the doctors’ charity in the national awakening day seems to come into a bright idea. The challenges will surely appear, one of them would be probably the fight against uncertainty in Indonesian health insurance system. However, it has been a classical aim that the duty of doctors is in the dedication for humanity.

Above all, such a respect and a support must be launched for The Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) in this 100th commemoration of National Awakening Day. By this movement, the hope for promotion of better Indonesian medical services will once again rise.

The image of National Awakening Commemoration was retrieved from the webpage of Airlangga University.