Friday, June 27, 2008

Real Working Lecture (KKN): A Social Working for Students

Real Working Lecture is the referred English term of Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN), a compulsory program of my university (GMU) that is mandated to every student who has already reached 110 credits of his/her study requirements. As a lecture subject, it has its own point for GPA (IP). As a real application, it is such a series of social working program.

In the Strategic Plans document of my university, it is stated that RWL is aimed to be a vehicle to implement science which is learned in classes into real life with the society. Therefore, RWL goes more specific than ordinary social working program (although both of RWL and social working are not profit-oriented) for it inquires students to apply their major in a quite specific theme.

Alright, that’s enough about the theory! :p

Indeed, it is quite complicated for us to learn the job algorithm since it has series of operating procedures. To compose this event, we have gathered 32 students from various faculties in our university to be a solid team and have been preparing things for about 6 months.

The main theme of our RWL is briefly about empowering health custom. Every member must compose programs supporting the theme to be arranged into a proposal. My Pharmacy partners plan a socialization of natural medicinal herbs. My Electrical Engineering partner will teach computer for kids. My dentistry partners and I plan for training which involve elementary kids to be Junior Dentists (Dokter Gigi Kecil). Of course there are many more programs to undergo.

Practically, we will stay in 4 houses in the village. Yes, it is just like a home stay, we will share rooms, kitchens, and lavatories with the host family. We will stay altogether for two months, from July 1 to August 30. Quite a long time to know each other, isn’t it? :)

And it seems that I would find many chances to do things in cooking! Yay!

The bothering part of this RWL program for me is: I will probably bear down on my blogging activity (boo-hoo!). Although most of families are already equipped with cell phones, the village we stay in is not improved yet by internet connection and in the mean time we will be ordered to write quite detailed daily reports as well as the full-organized programs to do, so ... well you can imagine that.

For sure, RWL is a duty that takes me to pay a good attention. All of suggestion or advices from experienced people will be very useful for me. Also, I will require all of you, my friends, to wish me luck.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Online Medical Assistant Certificate Program

Obviously, getting a certificate through an online course program is no longer impossible nowadays. The opportunity that is announced here is in medical, with the other specification in pharmacy and dentistry. The certificate is issued by St Augustine Educational Services, who provide Medical Assistant Home Study Program.

It is said that medical assistant training program are on rise across the US. The large opportunity for careers in this field is triggered by the high demand on medical assistant personnel supporting health practice. Personal suggestion: this program will be a very fine option if you were on a long break.

So, from the comfort of your home you can easily access the lectures in 6-8 weeks program. Consider that the program will put you in flexible schedule, any place you feel convenient in, all online support, and many more benefit to be compared with ordinary class.

Payments are submitted through Google Checkout and there will be special offers for multiple registrations.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Tag-nya kok buanyak bangedh yah?

Whoa, it’s a marathon of tags! Let’s take a quick start!

6 Whatevers about me:
I have posted about it but it was still in Indonesian. I’ll translate the first 3 points now :) and the rests are new facts for my blog. So, I:

1. can’t eat hot chili/pepper food. I know they’re supposed to be very delicious but oh no, my tongue and stomach just can’t stand. Too bad, I know

2. very, very afraid of chicken, turkey, peacock, and the families of birds ... due to their feather colors. I always let my friends laugh at it, well that’s probably make weird me :p I have no idea, touching them is one of my nightmares.

3. can’t wear jewelries, mainly rings and wrist watches for they affect my skin to be terribly itchy, but somehow I can stand earrings.

4. cut my hair by myself. Too lazy to go to hairdresser :p actually I like to dress myself up but I prefer home treatment :p btw I don’t think this point will be a big deal because my mom and female friends say my haircut is somewhat OK, moreover I wear head veil so nobody outside my home will notice my hair “wrongdoing” (if any :p)

5. try to laugh or at least smile at every failure I experience. Life is too precious to feel bad, right? Yeah, everyone deserves moments for sadness, but I limit the moment to be as short as possible. Praise Allah that I have people encouraging me :)

6. edit my blog posts several times before and sometimes even after I publish them, because of my limited English

5 things I miss in my life right now:
1. relatives who are now in heaven :) they are my granddad, grandmom, aunt, and cousin, also my best friend. May they are placed conveniently in the splendid side of Allah
2. chances I could not make use of due to wasting time :(
3. my highschool days. If only I can turn back time ... I will play more, hahaha. And study more. Seriously, I don’t know where did I put my attention when I was a highschool students, but uh, nvm. I got wonderful memories there.

4. the first edition of Underneath the Flag of Revolution (Di Bawah Bendera Revolusi—well, I hope I don’t misinterpret the English translation) by Comrade Sukarno, the founding father of Indonesia. Apparently one of my dad’s relatives borrowed it for there is only the 2nd edition left. The first one did set its goal, but the 2nd one’s quite illogical.

5. my friends who are now studying in other faculties, cities and overseas

10 things I wanna achieve within a decade:
1. getting married to a faithful and lovely man and flying him in the rocket of love in every chances I have!
2. my dentist and master degree, as well as the research

3. running an entrepreneurship company, making a good achievement in internet business
4. writing and publishing a book (just like you, lakshmi?), er ... I owe my close friends for this old obsession :p sorry! At least I have to improve my short stories.
5. traveling around Indonesian archipelago
6. fluent speaking in Chinese (Mandarin) daily conversation
7. finding a way to be a professional columnist writing about trends in science

8. enhancing my personality and soft skill, especially in cookery
9. a house with a well-situated gazebo on the garden
10. being able to read the noble Quran in the art of Qiro’. I have learned once but my private teacher left me to Papua (boo-hoo!). it’s pretty bad that I start to forget the technique she taught. Actually it is a duty that mom order me to.

Oh my! Will I reach them?

Book tag:

**Pick up the nearest book. Open to page 123. Find the fifth sentence. Post the next three sentences. Tag five people (but I tag more than five, hahaha :p), and acknowledge the person who tagged you.**

My recent nearest book is Ayat-Ayat Cinta (The Love Verses). I have written about the synopsis and the movie here. If I didn’t miscount, the phrase I found in page 123, 5th sentence is: I beg you (to help her) in the name of your love toward the Christ. It is what Fahri said to Maria when he was asking her to help Noura.

I tag the following folks:

Clue: simply copy the orange fonts and let them flow
tamrin the future petroleum engineer

Kak Henri, Kak Sammy, and Kak Suardiana the future colleagues

Adieska who is now on vacation

Adite the future rockin’ doctor

Drg. Rosa, a dentist in preparation of her dearest child’s birth

Aryo in the awaiting of his next flash webpage

Shirei for this tag may become a blog anniversary gift from me :p

Yonna the friendly young lady with fresh ideas

Eucalyptus who lives her colorful life

To my blog sister Lakshmi: thank you for this fun tag. If you find something questionable up there, do let me know :) incidentally, it’s cool to know you better.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dreams Dictionary: Make Real Your Fancy Words

Having a supportive dictionary is very essential to learn a language. Now, what does the word “supportive” here refer to? Obviously, the dictionary must be not only comprehensive but also user friendly. The nice interface will be the next added point.

Introducing Dreams Dictionary! Integrating the translating tools, term interpretation, and recent popular terms, Dreams Dictionary does provide such a service for language learning, makes your dreams of language come true. Here’s the definition they declared:

Dreams dictionary is an online glossary for general as well as detailed interpretations of hundreds of Dreams symbols helping you to interpret even your most mind boggling Dreams

Here we can translate terms into multiple languages in the translating box on the right side of the homepage. Also, the homepage is enhanced by links to the other sources for language learning.

Not excessively say, rather than ordinary glossary, Dreams Dictionary is quite a compilation of terms. Experience how they explain a meaning of a word: they interpret it.

I tried to put a term: castle

Instead of explaining what is it castle like in a quick definition, Dreams Dictionary brings you to imagine how to be a castle. Dreams Dictionary does not only make you think but also feel. That will make the concept grasped better.

So, whether you are recently learning or not, Dreams Dictionary is a very convenient site to surf. Try also their download dictionary section. See you there!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A prologue about Twelve Girls Band

Twelve Girls Band is a band from People’s Republic of China who is absolutely far away from the definition of an ordinary band. They are super.

Not only because the girls play instrumental music but also because they gracefully mix western songs and composition within Chinese theme to be a wonderful arrangement. Through their dizi, pipa, erhu, yangqin and guzheng, they deliver various genres of music. Sometimes they perform in a calm symphony, but then they could easily jump into dynamic rock. One thing for sure, composing western style into traditional-pentatonic taste is such a huge job.

Chinese traditional music, as well as other pentatonic music in the world, contains only 5 tones (compare with the diatonic music containing the 1-7 tones we used to hear). Chinese traditional music doesn’t have the 4th and the 7th tone. That’s why I said it is a big challenge to serve popular western song with traditional music devices.

It may be quite late for me, I just recently found Twelve Girls Band when I look for any record containing the sound of guzheng—pronounced: “Ku Cheng”—a Chinese traditional plucked-string music device. I have listened to a little sample of their tracks, and I’d like to review some:

Shining Energy: being mentioned in almost every of their recent publication, Shining energy is a very good introduction for new audiences. It is light and cheerful in the mood.

My Heart Will Go On: if you have heard the instrumental version (by Kenny G) of this Titanic movie soundtrack, you should take notice to 12 Girls Band too. Notice how the sound of guzheng could reserve Celine Dion’s vocal in the different form of a beauty. It is also notable how they make it not to be too sad (like the original version) without minimizing the charming aura of the song.

I think even James Horner (the original composer of My Heart Will Go On) should consider this.

Doraemon No Uta: is there anyone in the world who has never heard this cute song? Then be happy by listening to their bright composition! Interpret also how their ingenious ornament and interlude upbeat the song.

Obladi Oblada: wait, not so fast ... they put more teasing tone on the intro of this legendary single which was originally composed by The Beatles. This 12 Girls Band composition does rejuvenate the Desmond and Molly Jones’ sugary story.

Clocks: I personally do not interest to Coldplay but I believe that through this cover version song, the wavy sound of erhu has varied the unique vocal of Chris Martin

My next recommendation will be Bach’s Tribute Concerto, Sekai Ni Hitotsu Dake No Hana and Entertainer. Take note also their New Classicism (Medley) tracks which remixes Mozart’s and Bach’s composition.

Obviously, Twelve Girls Band increases my knowledge about Chinese music and they do entertain me. Once, I thought it was banjo played on their country theme, but then I realize that it was still guzheng (or dizi?). I start to be able to distinguish between violin and erhu by the sound. I really appreciate how they enrich contemporary music with Chinese tradition, still in an uncomplicated listening manner and without being stuck in old-fashioned pattern.

* the tracks are available for commercial download here. The image was also retrieved from the previous link

Orkut (the Blog): beyond your friends, your testimonials, and your collection

Give me an example of a website you used to visit; I believe that most of them are enhanced with a blog section. Blog are recognized as a tremendous means to establish such an intimacy from the webmasters toward the web visitors.

Orkut is what I’d like to talk about here. Defining themselves in social connecting purpose in Brazilian (Portuguese) Language and English, Orkut publish also their experience and new features through the blog. It’s pretty interesting to read their Mother’s Day post, signifying their sensitive care for this matter.

Some of their recent new features are iLike and iRead. iLike is a feature that allow users to upload and share their songs. This application also let the users to organize their collection base on the artist’s name and album. The unique feature of this application is that we can add the collection as a scrap. It means that we bookmark the stuff.

Not only providing place for image hosting, Orkut provide also BuboMe, a built-in application to edit images. BuboMe brings the fun of simple editing for the images.

In the other hand, iRead is the feature that let us to enlist the book titles we love and to recommend people and finally we can reciprocally discuss the books. iRead is a good way to find people who also interested in books we like.

The other amazing experience which they document in the blog is their visit to Google office. The Orkut team, who state themselves with “Orkuiteros” name, visit Google office on April 18, 2008. It seemed like they experienced a super fun meeting with the Google engineers. Their personal testimonial could be viewed here.

About orkut itself, I have tried it and I personally believe that Orkut is an emerging icon of social networking which will rise into higher and higher popularity. If I were user they ask an opinion about, I would consider my expectation for English version of Orkut.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Special Day to Cherish

Me and my sister resembled a feminine version of Tom and Jerry! Haha, ... oops, seriously, every day was fighting day when we were kids. Of course it was a long time ago, before I realize how precious she is for me and how she could actually never resist to concern about me.

Yeah, I still remember when I saw her cheerful laughter behind my pouring tears, right after she made a fun of me. Oh God, that’s eating me! I thought she was so cruel, but as we are growing, my friend told me that making a fun of younger siblings is so amusing. Well, as a youngest member of the family I’m not sure whether it was right or wrong, but uh ... then I just start to laugh at it, each time she tease me.

But she could not always hide her affection. One day when I was ill and I feel that she have done too much for me (because she used to ignore me, seriously we were enemies, dude!), I say sorry. Guess what she replied: “Just mention ONE thing I don’t do for you—Apa sih yang enggak buat kamu?”

I translated it as another expression of her care, hahaha.

My sister is quite spoiled (mom always remarkably gives excessive love for every of her daughters) but she changed a lot when she gave birth for the first time. At that moment, I came home in a totally bad mood but soon my anger evaporated right after I saw how hard her days after her baby born. No, she and the baby were basically fine, but you can always ask your mother for your first days in the world: how she can’t get enough rest for breast-feeding and cleaning your p** and showering your fragile body. She taught me not only keep love for mom in a constant and satisfactory amount but also to be stronger in any challenges of life.

Today is her birthday, the day that Allah give for us to feel happiness at the same time. Today is the day within my exam days that I present for her to post in this blog during my hiatus time. Just like what you said before, I bet you can trust me too that I would do anything for you—well, as reasonable as I can go, I mean—hahaha.

Above all, I wish you all the very best, my sister.

Wo aishang ni.