Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Orkut (the Blog): beyond your friends, your testimonials, and your collection

Give me an example of a website you used to visit; I believe that most of them are enhanced with a blog section. Blog are recognized as a tremendous means to establish such an intimacy from the webmasters toward the web visitors.

Orkut is what I’d like to talk about here. Defining themselves in social connecting purpose in Brazilian (Portuguese) Language and English, Orkut publish also their experience and new features through the blog. It’s pretty interesting to read their Mother’s Day post, signifying their sensitive care for this matter.

Some of their recent new features are iLike and iRead. iLike is a feature that allow users to upload and share their songs. This application also let the users to organize their collection base on the artist’s name and album. The unique feature of this application is that we can add the collection as a scrap. It means that we bookmark the stuff.

Not only providing place for image hosting, Orkut provide also BuboMe, a built-in application to edit images. BuboMe brings the fun of simple editing for the images.

In the other hand, iRead is the feature that let us to enlist the book titles we love and to recommend people and finally we can reciprocally discuss the books. iRead is a good way to find people who also interested in books we like.

The other amazing experience which they document in the blog is their visit to Google office. The Orkut team, who state themselves with “Orkuiteros” name, visit Google office on April 18, 2008. It seemed like they experienced a super fun meeting with the Google engineers. Their personal testimonial could be viewed here.

About orkut itself, I have tried it and I personally believe that Orkut is an emerging icon of social networking which will rise into higher and higher popularity. If I were user they ask an opinion about, I would consider my expectation for English version of Orkut.

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