Monday, June 29, 2009

Easier Online Accessories Shopping with Shopwiki

Online shopping becomes easier day by day. As a virtual market, now we have Shopwiki to go. Rather than an ordinary search engine, Shopwiki presents as a pioneer which indexes everything that can be bought online, also in accessories necessity.

In general, Shopwiki defines itself as follows: ShopWiki is a shopping search engine designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. It is the only shopping search engine that combines advanced Web-crawling technology with consumer-written wiki buying guides to help shoppers make the most informed buying decisions. However, we should be aware that ShopWiki does not sell any products. It simply helps our users find any product available for sale on the Web. ShopWiki organizes the widest selection of products from more than 200,000 online merchants. ShopWiki doesn’t sell any products and doesn’t charge retailers to include their products in your search results. This facility will allow you to get comprehensive results every time. You can even choose a source where you could get a best price from. Whether you’re just looking around for a product or you have decided your point, ShopWiki is your first station to shop. With this so-wide-world-of-fashion, Shopwiki will surely be a convenient yet vast place to have a look on.

Shopwiki offers a directory that people can select the best deal to get. Moreover, Shopwiki is empowered by not only buying service but also gift guides. So, what are you waiting for? Accessories is a very good category to try. Slide your pointer to surf various kinds of accessories in Shopwiki. Whatever your mood or situation in accessories requirement, e.g. women’s clothes by designers, eco-fashion, just looking around for women’s fashion trends, starving for an idea about style resources for women, or figure flattering clothes for women, allow Shopwiki to lend you a hand.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Liu Xia Lai" by Fahrenheit

This Liu Xia Lai single is the 7th track from Fahrenheit's 3rd album Yue Lai Yue Ai (Love You More and More). It's been quite a while since their album release on January when I saw their new MV during my weekend. a bit excited due to their new haircut, I think they also made some improvement in singing skill. However, whether they really played the music or not remains secret for me :)

Briefly, the MV tells a story of a couple (performed by Jiro Wang as the man) whose romance was very delightful. We can see that some "Smiley" merchandises were used on scenes. There might be nothing special about the Smiley ring, but the Smiley cookies Jiro made were very cute since he made it for an apology after they were set on a clash. Needless to say, the cookies won the girl's heart and they became together again, underneath the smiling sky. Wait up, "the smiling sky"? Either I appreciate how the director arranged two stars as the eyes and a sickle moon as the lips. Again, this configuration resembles the Smiley icon.

sst, ... As I haven't see my dictionary yet, the only character I understand from this title was only "xia" :p :p :p Poor me! After I ran their Wikipedia page, I saw the complete phrase was Liu Xia Lai. I really curious abput what is it all about since the title consists of the "Liu" character which literally means stay/remain, "Xia"--means down, and "Lai"--means come. Yeah, it is easier to reveal the meaning after I saw the pinyin. They were wholly translated as Stay with Me by Wiki. Thanks to for the English translation of the lyric that inspired me some. I think this Liu Xia Lai represents a request to come back and stay aside.

I notice a statement from wiki that they attached a bonus track entitled Touch Your Heart only for their Mainland Chinese fans. It is said that the song is in a purpose of promoting Taiwan's tourism. Well, I admit that I don't stay alert on issues related to the affairs of Mainland Chinese and Taiwan but I am aware that both of these countries have such an uneasy history. Still retaining myself in such a neutral perspective and don't mean to expect excessively, I just wonder how this Touch Your Heart song could take a part there.

So, getting back to this single, do I like this? Well, actually I am looking for their snappy song, something "hip" to make my day. Still, I'm glad seeing they come up again.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

We all are entrepreneur

Do you know that business and any term of its synonyms are something that is naturally attached to any of us?

I know, I’m lack of experience and reading; astonished by Hermawan Kertajaya’s presentation but don’t know beans about his concepts; my only commercial activity is being a weekly laboratory teaching assistant and doing occasional low-impact paid blogpost; economics is not my major, but whose mistakes then if I’m interested in those kinds of entrepreneurship?

It was started years ago when two of my classmates said that they want to build a business company, not in Indonesia, but in some other country like Singapore. The only thing lies beneath my mind at that time is: wow, they must have a kind of business instinct inside their genes.

About two years later, I was surprised again. There was an audience attended by students and council of my university talking about the efficacy of the new teaching method i.e. Problem-Based Learning. One of the panelists asked us who wants to be an entrepreneur, and I was surprised that one of my schoolmates raised his hands. I straightly sent him a we-will-be-dentists-how-come-we-do-such-that-kind-of-thing stare but he quickly responded, “Sure, we ‘sell’ our practice.”

That’s the time when I started to reveal that no matter what our background is, we have to be an entrepreneur. There are many reasonable advantages related to it e.g. financial freedom, time flexibility, and independence to compile our ideals. Challenging experience in organizing with considerable initiative and risk will eventually improve someone’s character. Now I confidently enlist ‘entrepreneur’ as one of my within-10-years targets.

This article is surely too short, even to give a glimpse view about starting an entrepreneurship idea. I believe that you all have already experienced moments triggering your own ‘eureka!’ in entrepreneurship and I will be very delighted to hear your story.

· * This article was composed in a high appreciation toward my mates who have been maintaining their sustainable business

* the image was retrieved from this url

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hybrid Cars on a Vision

The hybrid cars may be the most admired unconventional auto, run on a arrangement of one battery-powered engine and one petrol-fuelled engine.

The increasing gas and diesel prices and the consideration of energy crisis might be the strongest blessing in disguise toward the development of hybrid cars. Needless to say, these hybrid “stuff” have a lucid economy benefit.

People nowadays become more aware about hybrid cars for its multiengine system. When a hybrid car is being driven on the freeway, the petrol engine takes control. The petrol engine shuts off when the car is stuck in a traffic jam or a stop light and the battery engine takes over respectively. This system allows the car to save it self from spiteful emissions while stopping. Even the heat from the car resulted from braking helps the batteries recharge. This system makes the hybrid car sustain the power and efficiency of a standard, still it keeps environment cleaner.

However, as the development goes on, hybrid cars produced by companies tend to exist in specific performance and purpose. Now we can freely find kinds of on the latest, hottest, greenest and fastest new hybrid cars, with their specificity, reviews, and also comparing price quotes from dealers in this hybrid cars planet.