Saturday, April 14, 2007

Networking Virtual Friend Network

My Space, Friendster, Yahoo! 360 … those with their own facilities in general providing us a same thing: friend networking! I'm not talking about which is best among them, because there are even many sites I haven't mentioned that are already challenged them.
Perhaps, it's all about us à consumers
Apparently, every site has its own geographic tendency. Friendster are common for Asian, while My Space are Yahoo's rival in US (see search: "my space" for accurate facts).
Years ago, in the 1st generation mobile phones, sending SMS is only enabled among numbers in the same operators. Now, even foreign operator each other could internationally communicate in SMS.
Having our profile posted in worldwide page is currently a life style accommodating our communication requirement. What if the requirement improving, not only able to view but also contacting easily in the future, sending message by just clicking?
Saving their email address is conventional. According to the analogy I've mentioned, I wonder could it be the sites providing friend networking could really being hand-in-hand together. That's what being global should be!
Gee, I wish I could add my Multiply friend into my Friendster list

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4 of your comments here:

inda_ardani said...

well, i think i made mistake by saying "1st generation..."

it should be "2nd ..."

sorry :p

Aryo said...

aku si pengen + multiply kalo bergabung sungguh menyenangkan. apalagi dengan fasilitas blog yang makin keren.

web 2.0... ;)

Ti2Sh said...

Friendster aj thok ahh...
Punya multiply aj nganggur kq. Lha wong cuma biar bisa donlot2 gratis ;p

inda_ardani said...

that's right titish!

bodohnya, aku juga baru tau kalo di multiply tu bisa dunlod :p