Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eid ul-Fitr: A New Begining

The leaving of Ramadan is quite a sorrowful moment for we never know whether we will meet this holy month again in the next year or not. Save Ramadan in your heart, always.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rainbow by Jay Chou

Rainbow (Cai Hong) is one of the tracks available in On the Run album by Jay Chou. Also, the parts of this song gently decorated some scenes in Jay Chou’s Secret movie.

The guitar strings plucking in this Rainbow is very attracting that I deeply crushed on. I thought it was a chain of sentimental-romantic lyric, but as I reveal the meaning, the song directly drags my mood into its temperature. Well, although the lyric tell an embarrassed and regretful expression, yet I still feel that this one is quite touchy. Is this song soooo me?

I guess the rainbow told in this song performs only one color: it is blue (yeah I know it's not a proper time to joke, peace out!)

*the blue fonts are originally not included in the literary translation of the lyric but merely belong to my interpretation. The hanyu pinyin lyrics could be viewed on my comment section. the image was retrieved from this URL*


Where is the rainbow, could you please tell me?

Could you give my wish back to me?

Why is the sky still so quiet?

The clouds accumulate above me

Do you have a face mask to give?

It is because of my too much talk, now it will never be true

Time is probably a remedy

But it is also the poison I'm now taking in

* Without seeing your smile, how can I fall asleep?

Your shadow is so close yet I cannot hug you

Without the earth, the sunshine is still be able to rise

So although there isn’t any reason, I will continue to leave alone

** You want to leave; I know it is simple for you

You said trust was the problem between us

If we separate, then would you please not to remove my love?

In the end I will pretend that I finally understand

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Indonesian Songs to be Restricted in Malaysia

A report from The Jakarta Post informed that Indonesian famous drummer Bimbim regrets call to limit RI songs by the official of Malaysia. There is a suggestion that Malaysian music industry wants Indonesian songs restricted. Could it probably be one more issue interfering views of people from both neighboring countries?

This may remind you about intriguing topics that rose several months ago (you know …). For sure, I personally do never want to blend my daily (and sometimes even political) life with such immature subjective tendency that leads us to do radical things. The nearest reason is that I got good Malaysian bestfriends and I don’t think that things like this will be worth to alter our friendship.

Yet the things informed above are one more interesting issue to explore: why and how come?

Alright, it may take quite a while to reveal the exact background of this proposal, but the concept that they would arrange a broadcasting ratio of 90 percent Malaysian songs and 10 percent Indonesian is relatively questionable. The questions that rise might be:

In what kind of condition the ratio will apply? The official department may conduct rules, but who’s gonna guarantee that the real fact will be totally agree with them? Let’s say, they limit the number of album copies in markets, but if the consumer’s demand goes very high, that will be unsurprising if people tried many ways to obtain more.

In this free trade era, where we reach such a kind of free-boundaries marketing, could the ratio really limit the number of Indonesian albums imported?

Last but not least: why should they regulate it? Um, I prefer to stay a bit away from immature speculation for this J Yet I consider that no matter how hard a system limiting, Indonesian music will eventually reach audiences as long as they are worth to listen.

Sure, we can state a vice versa for Malaysian music.

the image was retrieved from this page

Friday, September 5, 2008

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

I knew this cool site from my old friends' (Aryo and Titish) blog posts last year. Today, I think i got an excessive minutes and a bit narcisms (uhm!). Now, the big question is: really?

You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.

You're up on the latest news, and you have an interesting spin on things.

Of all the blogging types, you put the most thought and effort into your blog.

Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few

Monday, September 1, 2008

Testimonials for Beloved Siblings of RWL

I’ve got back from my 2 months RWL (KKN) program bringing many unforgettable moments to learn and remember. For sure, that period was the best weeks I’ve gained ever! One of the real results is 7 lovely friends who now I regard as family. We’ve been living and share many things together—that explains our unity.

Now, to celebrate my coming back to the blogosphere and to cherish my friends, especially for my dear blog partners, please meet my wonderful siblings:

Fraka: quite a quiet person, but once he spells his comment, he’ll shock you by his hilarious-yet-intelligent ideas. Noticed quote: “Enak banget, siapa nih yang cuci piringnya?” yeah, when he thinks that the food is good, he’ll gallantly ask who is gonna wash the dishes. Gag me, hahaha! However, I admit that he cooks better than me :) and please remember, Brother, your selfish outlook cannot always hide your care :p

Nadien: the certified wise leader! Absolutely, yes you are, Boss. Your sensible leadership sufficiently covers everything. Noticed quote: it will be a paradox for my previous tesimonial, but I like to remember the moment when I came into our (messy) room and jokingly say that the fengshui of the room is bad, she replied in the middle of her laugh, “Kurang ajar lu, dateng-dateng langsung ngomong gituan.”—how dare you say like that. Hahaha, gotcha! I enjoyed her punk’d expression

Kunto: humorous person disguising in calm expression. Noticed quote: “Mami, adek udah selesai makan bubur.”—mom, I’ve finished my porridge. In such an innocent smirk, ladies and gentlemen! Phew! I was speechless for I’ve never imagine that he’ll play that clowny joke, haha. By the way, Kunto, did you think that the way you kick the air would entertain me? Let me tell you, yes you did force me to smile when I still wanted to enjoy my gloom :p haha, thank you

Bayu: helpful, that’s I’d rather say, and the other say he’s diligent and tidy. I learn quite a lot for his mature personality. However, he’s the best target for our bullying jokes (Bayu, where’s Bani? :D), hahaha. Noticed quote: "Udah, biar aku aja."--"Let me. Just leave it for me." See? He won't think twice to lend a hand!

Edlyn: her official beautiful name is Adeline, but she prefers to write her nickname that way. Got an optimum confidence and actually is more motherly than me, still she toughly declares a weird nickname for me: she calls me Mami (pronounced ‘mommy’) and calls Fraka ‘Papi’. Why? Noticed quote: I like the moments when she gets back into her serious manner and say, “...seperti itu.”—it is the point. The expression makes her prudence apparent.

Ayu: childish? There’s nothing wrong with that, right Sista’? Seems like you are a party animal, aren’t you? Still I surely have to thank her for she reminded me several times to execute my programs which are inline with hers. Noticed quote: She flies me everytime she said that the menu I served is delicious and finished them all for she usually leaves half of her portion, no matter how she likes it! I feel honored.

Avri: good in money management. Great choice for us that she’s our Financial Manager. Nice, actually. Although she tends to conceal her care in such a talkative and spontaneous attitude (hey girl, I’m not saying ‘irritable’, peace out!). Along with Ayu, Avri is a great challenger for Bayu (haha, no worries. I’ll keep that “Bani” stories away from my blog :p) Noticed quote: “Inda, jangan nangis.”—inda, don’t cry. Wow, it was hard for me to find a suitable thankful word.

Since our favorite time is cooking, I’ve composed a structure in my freaky imagination for our Culinary Clinic:

Senior Specialist in Chief: Fraka (best rated for his Chicken Rendang, and also the tips and tricks for many kinds in cooking)

Residents: Inda (a so-so ability :p), Kunto (kick us again with your bone soup and fried Chicken!), Avri (good Rica-rica Chicken and spinach soup)

Rising-star Newbies: Nadien, Edlyn (I miss your onion rings and cream soup! and please, never say again that you cannot cook ^_^)

Department of Sanitation: Bayu (I confess that you’re excellent in cleaning and chopping and I fully thank you for your admirable cooperation in our cooking shift, but you still owe us a menu of your own :p)

Department of Innovation: Ayu (helps me many times when I stuck for cooking idea)

That’s not all, folks. There will always be more stories of us :)