Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Liu Xia Lai" by Fahrenheit

This Liu Xia Lai single is the 7th track from Fahrenheit's 3rd album Yue Lai Yue Ai (Love You More and More). It's been quite a while since their album release on January when I saw their new MV during my weekend. a bit excited due to their new haircut, I think they also made some improvement in singing skill. However, whether they really played the music or not remains secret for me :)

Briefly, the MV tells a story of a couple (performed by Jiro Wang as the man) whose romance was very delightful. We can see that some "Smiley" merchandises were used on scenes. There might be nothing special about the Smiley ring, but the Smiley cookies Jiro made were very cute since he made it for an apology after they were set on a clash. Needless to say, the cookies won the girl's heart and they became together again, underneath the smiling sky. Wait up, "the smiling sky"? Either I appreciate how the director arranged two stars as the eyes and a sickle moon as the lips. Again, this configuration resembles the Smiley icon.

sst, ... As I haven't see my dictionary yet, the only character I understand from this title was only "xia" :p :p :p Poor me! After I ran their Wikipedia page, I saw the complete phrase was Liu Xia Lai. I really curious abput what is it all about since the title consists of the "Liu" character which literally means stay/remain, "Xia"--means down, and "Lai"--means come. Yeah, it is easier to reveal the meaning after I saw the pinyin. They were wholly translated as Stay with Me by Wiki. Thanks to for the English translation of the lyric that inspired me some. I think this Liu Xia Lai represents a request to come back and stay aside.

I notice a statement from wiki that they attached a bonus track entitled Touch Your Heart only for their Mainland Chinese fans. It is said that the song is in a purpose of promoting Taiwan's tourism. Well, I admit that I don't stay alert on issues related to the affairs of Mainland Chinese and Taiwan but I am aware that both of these countries have such an uneasy history. Still retaining myself in such a neutral perspective and don't mean to expect excessively, I just wonder how this Touch Your Heart song could take a part there.

So, getting back to this single, do I like this? Well, actually I am looking for their snappy song, something "hip" to make my day. Still, I'm glad seeing they come up again.

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Redha Herdianto said...

i dont know why i cant enjoy listening song in chinesse language..i prefer japannese than this BoyBand :)