Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dreams Dictionary: Make Real Your Fancy Words

Having a supportive dictionary is very essential to learn a language. Now, what does the word “supportive” here refer to? Obviously, the dictionary must be not only comprehensive but also user friendly. The nice interface will be the next added point.

Introducing Dreams Dictionary! Integrating the translating tools, term interpretation, and recent popular terms, Dreams Dictionary does provide such a service for language learning, makes your dreams of language come true. Here’s the definition they declared:

Dreams dictionary is an online glossary for general as well as detailed interpretations of hundreds of Dreams symbols helping you to interpret even your most mind boggling Dreams

Here we can translate terms into multiple languages in the translating box on the right side of the homepage. Also, the homepage is enhanced by links to the other sources for language learning.

Not excessively say, rather than ordinary glossary, Dreams Dictionary is quite a compilation of terms. Experience how they explain a meaning of a word: they interpret it.

I tried to put a term: castle

Instead of explaining what is it castle like in a quick definition, Dreams Dictionary brings you to imagine how to be a castle. Dreams Dictionary does not only make you think but also feel. That will make the concept grasped better.

So, whether you are recently learning or not, Dreams Dictionary is a very convenient site to surf. Try also their download dictionary section. See you there!

2 of your comments here:

Anonymous said...

makasih ya ma infonya, aku udah download dan emang friendly, cuma agak reseh aja karena baru idupin komputer lgsg nongol hehe.

seperti biasa, kalo mau fasilitas lebih harus bayar, males :P

inda_ardani said...

ooo gitu ya mbak, hehe makasih juga infonya, inda malah blom download juga. hmm, jadi itu nggak gratis ya. ok ok, thanks mba