Sunday, June 22, 2008

Online Medical Assistant Certificate Program

Obviously, getting a certificate through an online course program is no longer impossible nowadays. The opportunity that is announced here is in medical, with the other specification in pharmacy and dentistry. The certificate is issued by St Augustine Educational Services, who provide Medical Assistant Home Study Program.

It is said that medical assistant training program are on rise across the US. The large opportunity for careers in this field is triggered by the high demand on medical assistant personnel supporting health practice. Personal suggestion: this program will be a very fine option if you were on a long break.

So, from the comfort of your home you can easily access the lectures in 6-8 weeks program. Consider that the program will put you in flexible schedule, any place you feel convenient in, all online support, and many more benefit to be compared with ordinary class.

Payments are submitted through Google Checkout and there will be special offers for multiple registrations.

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Adite said...

nguiiiiiiik.... pegimana sistem pembelajarannya nih.. hehehe banyakan bolos klo gue :P

inda_ardani said...

wuah aku juga blom tau persisnya, kamu liat dulu deh :p btw mbolos emang enak kok, hehe jadi inget dulu sma sering kompakan mbolos sekelas :p

Buwau98 said...

Very nice blog.
In Malaysia,MA's are well sought after,especially in Oil Palm Estates and Timber factories.