Monday, October 20, 2008

UGM-Mandiri Jazz The Concert

UGM-Mandiri Jazz is an annual event organized by Gadjah Mada University and Bank Mandiri which performs various jazz artists. It was held on Grha Sabha Pramana hall, October 18 2008. The list of artist could be read on the poster, and I was a bit disappointed for Tompi and Henry Lamiri canceled their performance.

The event was hosted by Indonesian senior actor Butet Kartaredjasa and popular actress-model Dian Sastrowardoyo. In the beginning Butet pretended to hide Dian by saying that all the airplane tickets from Jakarta to Jogja were fully booked by people who wanted to go to this concert, but soon after that, Dian shouted for Butet's name and climbed the stage, surrounded by audiences applaus.

In such a short opening, they presented the stage to Trisum band which was powered mainly by Budjana and Tohpati. Sure, their associate players were either amazing, but who was there catching audiences (especially the female audiences, I bet) attention? It was the new rising star-drummer Yesaya a.k.a Echa marvelously hit his percussion set. The audiences were more impressed as he performed his solo in a section.

Trisum said that it was the first time they play to harmonize a singer. It was Rio Febrian's luck to have his “Ku Ada di Sini—I am here” light pop arrangement to be changed into up-tempo jazz.

Idang Rasjidi continued Trisum with his band to perform their theme. The situation went once again up as Rieka Roslan showed up. Rieka was a real star! She even taught us that a singer has a great duty, not only sing a song but she/he has to be able to absorb the energy from audiences and to combine the energy with the music of the band. Her communication with people was magic. From that moment, I registered myself as one of her fans ^_^

The next singer was Glenn Friedly. His appearance was surely noticeable yet the thing impressed me most was his last song “Just for two of us”. This song was also the final scene enclosing the concert.

In a summarized impression, UGM-Mandiri Jazz was a great experience for everyone. It was such a liveshow gathering talented artists performing not only entertainment but also inspirations and lesson of a culture.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Savoy Autos: 2008 Honda Element

According to Wikipedia, the Honda Element is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by Honda and released for the first time in the US in 2003. Powering the Element is Honda's 2.4 Liter K-Engine, an i-VTEC four-cylinder engine that also sees duty in the Accord and CR-V. For the Element's purposes, it produces 156 hp (116 kW) at 5500 rpm and 160 ft·lbf (217 N·m) of torque at 4500 rpm. In mid June 2007 Honda started selling the 2008 Element. The only change from the 2007 Element was the addition of the color Royal Blue Pearl for the SC trim.

Yet we can surely still find more good testimonials about the Honda Element. From the official Honda site, it is stated that "Just one glance tells you the Element was built for those who live their own unique way." Along with Real Time 4WD™, i-VTEC® Engine, and Drive-by-Wire™ Throttle System; Honda Element offers flexible freedom for its 64 Seating Options, 77 Cubic Feet of Cargo Room, Configurable Seating and also offers extreme functionality through its Wide-Opening Cargo Doors, Clamshell Tailgate, and Removable Skylight (4WD models).

A selling site performs Honda Element as a vehicle which is designed to maximize space, whether for people and/or cargo in a fairly small package, with driving characteristics similar to a small sedan. It aims to appeal to a young and active people. J.D. Power and Associates customer satisfaction and quality research studies even name the Honda Element as the most reliable Compact Multi-Activity Vehicle.

Overview and more news about 2008 Honda Element could be viewed on The Car

Monday, October 13, 2008

Two Awards from a Brother

I got these pretty blog awards from my brother Tamrin and I thank him very much. Honestly, I've been looking for any award dropped into my page (boo-hoo!) and ... voila, he gave me two!

He said:

Inda: Mahasiswi yang ngeblog dan bentar lagi diwisuda. Semoga cepet kesampaian ya cita-citanya. O iya, tulisan di blog Teh Inda berbahasa Inggris. Bagus buat latihan baca.

The plain translation of this quote is that I am a student-blogger who is close to graduation (in fact, I am still in quite a distance from the celebration, brother :p). He wishes me to achieve my aims (wow, thank you!) and said that my English blog is a good place to read (er ... is it?).

I really appreciate his testimonials and I am thinking for steps to improve my writings. Either I got friends for these awards:

sherwin tobing: kicks me many times with his insights. I admit that I don't agree with him in every of his points, but ... well, he brings me to many interesting topics
aryo anantoro: another theme, same effect with the previous blog sibling :p let me think the most suitable term for you, aryo. Yet I guarantee that you have push me to carefully think the words to comment. I look forward for your next satirical jokes.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Political involvement in DNA studies

The molecular biology researches in DNA have increased greatly that we can easily mention many of its recent products. Just name it; I believe that all of you have ever heard about DNA (parent) testing or investigation, especially for law purposes. Beside of its promising prospects that impressing many people from various background (medical, for example), one of interesting issues related to DNA is about its social—if we can’t say it “political”—implementation.

We can surely crack this implementation issue into narrower contexts. Ethics is another channel to go to broader field. I was triggered by the story of Craig Venter in attempting his research in genomics. Briefly, we can say that genomics is a branch science of genetics. Craig Venter proposed NIH (National Institute of Health-USA) for research fund and in the beginning NIH appeared to be of the same line with him. Yet in the end NIH objected him for they said that they did not find such a chance in the research. Uniquely, when the objection declared after quite a waiting time, Venter’s projects come into sight to be closer to their targets. This is a summary of such a journey with many bends to walk in, of course. Yet I am personally still interested in the story for one of Venter’s competitors is … the famous James Watson.

This will be a very long story to post. Let me back to my first concept. We all confess that DNA is surely touching so many parts of human life. However, all of those complexities should be viewed in the vision that the DNA studies is such an emerging record in human civilization

the image was retrieved from this url

A little trick to write in English

For us who speak English (only) as second language, composing sentences in good English would be quite a problem. Yet I believe that there are no reasons to give up since we have actually equipped with a set of sufficient tool. What does the tool consist of?

Today I’d like to talk in the context of Microsoft since Microsoft Office is apparently still the commonest software in Indonesia.

After observing several sources related to thing you are interested in, let's grab some editing help.

1. The Red and Green warning

We should have aware that Microsoft Word performs red zigzag line each time we mistype and green zigzag line each any grammatical mistakes occurs. Make notice to those suggestions, although the final decision is always right in your hands. Before pay attention to any suggestion, please make sure that the language setting has set properly. You can check or reset it by clicking “Tools-language-set language” and choose which English you prefer to.

2. Deciding a precise term

Do you have a word but still feel unsure whether the word does not fit the context or not? Prove your intuition by putting the cursor on the word and right-click it. Spot the “synonym” option, and voila ... unless your term is very specific, some options are available right there. Don’t forget to ensure that your original word is in singular form.

Using thesaurus is yet another reliable way.

3. Dictionary

I know, this point is very much an old strategy, but what else can I say? However we can use some cool dictionaries to assist us. I’d suggest and Dreams Dictionary (I have blogged it here) for quick answer. Otherwise, you can use an application like Pocket Oxford Dictionary, which you can download here.

Do you find this article useful? Share me for more questions and show your own trick too. Happy writing!